Dental Emergencies and How to Prepare for Them

Dental Emergencies and How to Prepare for ThemA dental emergency in Los Angeles can happen any time of day, and fortunately for you, our emergency dentists are available around the clock to help you with any problems that may occur with your dental health. Any number of problems could arise with your teeth. Any severe trauma to your face or even just biting down on something hard could cause a tooth to chip or become dislodged entirely. If this happens, you should keep it in a glass of milk or place it in your cheek so that our dentist has a better chance of reattaching it.

Failing to brush and floss regularly and maintaining an unhealthy diet could result in tooth decay. Your regular dentist can often detect the signs of tooth decay early and recommend the best treatment, but if you do not see a dentist regularly and a cavity has been allowed to develop, it could result in extreme pain or even an infection. Tooth decay can lead to periodontal disease which could cause the supporting structures of your teeth to deteriorate, which would ultimately lead to your teeth falling out completely. Contact our office today if you feel you are at risk of a severe dental emergency.


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