How to Prepare for Zoom Whitening

How to Prepare for Zoom WhiteningAny patient that is interested in Zoom whitening treatment for their discoloration must prepare for the session. As with all stain removal techniques, a thorough professional cleaning will provide the most even results. The Agoura Hills cosmetic dentist will also examine for damage that will need to be repaired before treatment.

Our expert in Zoom whitening in Agoura Hills recommends that patients with naturally sensitive teeth switch to a special toothpaste in advance to prepare their enamel. Fortunately, there is not much else that must be done in preparation because Zoom whitening is so simple. As long as the teeth are healthy, it can be scheduled for a short lunch break to accommodate a busy schedule.

At the appointment, the gums and lips are protected while a special gel is applied to the surface of each tooth to react with the whitening light in 15-minute sessions. After each session concludes, gel is applied a maximum of 4 times depending on the patient. Patients that are planning to use their lunch break for Zoom whitening should prepare for a little over an hour to leave time for the product application. Schedule a consultation or call our office to get more information about preparing for this treatment.

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