How Affordable Are Dental Implants?

How Affordable Are Dental Implants?Implants offer a number of advantages over traditional dentures, one of the most important being that implants are securely rooted in your jaw bone while dentures have the potential to slip around or fall out of your mouth entirely. And a dental implant can be more affordable than you may realize. Although the specific price of each treatment will depend on several factors that are dependent on your specific situation, implants offer multiple benefits that well justify the cost.

Implants are much better at preventing jaw bone deterioration than dentures. When a tooth falls out, the tooth root goes with it. Roots are embedded within the jaw bone, and when one goes missing, that area of the bone begins to deteriorate. Dentures do not affect the jaw bone at all, but dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots that stimulate the bone and prevent it from wearing away. This can ensure better health for many more years.

If you are looking for affordable dental implants in Los Angeles, our dentist can go over your options to determine the best course of treatment for you.


Treatment with Invisalign

Treatment with InvisalignFew of us are born with perfect smiles, and if you suffer from misalignments, an improper bite, overcrowding, or an overbite, it can take a toll on your self-esteem. But before you resign to using metal braces to correct your smile, talk to our Long Beach cosmetic dentist about getting Invisalign, one of the most popular orthodontic treatments on the market today.

Our expert in Invisalign in Long Beach will use 3D imaging to create you custom Invisalign aligners. These aligners are ever so slightly straighter than what your teeth already are, so through the use of targeted pressure, they gradually straighten your teeth over the course of the treatment. Every four to six weeks, you will see our dentist and get your next set of aligners. Our dentist will also monitor your progress to make sure you are on track to finish the treatment on time.

There are numerous advantages to be gained by using Invisalign. The aligners are completely removable, and you only need to wear down for 22 hours every day. This means you can take them out during meals and while you brush your teeth, causing no inconveniences to your everyday life. And they are virtually invisible, so no one will even know you are going through the treatment.

Average Cost of Snap On Smile

Average Cost of Snap On SmileIs your smile less than perfect? Thanks to advancement in modern dentistry, there are numerous restoration options to give you the smile you have always wanted. But many restorations can be expensive; some will even set you back several thousand dollars. It can be a difficult decision to make if you have to choose between having a dazzling smile and having money in your bank account. On top of that, many dental restorations require dental enamel to be trimmed down so that the replacement tooth will fit comfortably in your mouth. Fortunately, there is a solution to get the best of both worlds with our Los Angeles Snap On Smile expert.

Snap on Smile is a revolutionary dental product that can enhance the appearance of teeth that have suffered stains, chips, and other damage. It is designed to snap on directly over your teeth, so it can easily be worn and removed. No preparation to your teeth is needed, and it often costs less than other procedures like veneers or crowns. With low Snap On Smile prices in Los Angeles, you can enjoy a glorious smile without breaking the bank.

Dental Veneers Benefits

Dental Veneers BenefitsHaving any imperfections in your teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile, but dental veneers can cover up any minor chips, cracks, or fractures. They can even cover up any intrinsic discolorations. They can even be an ideal restoration for patients who have naturally small or irregularly shaped teeth. And there are many additional benefits to be gained from undergoing this procedure.

Veneers mimic the natural light reflection properties of natural teeth. Dental enamel is translucent, and as a result, light shines through this layer and bounces off the underlying dentin, giving teeth a glowing sheen. Because of this, porcelain veneers are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, meaning no one will be able to tell the difference.

Veneers also offer several advantages over similar procedures. Veneers made out of porcelain are stain-resistant, and they can maintain their glowing appearance for many years. Other restorations provide less dramatic results, and you may need touch-ups in order to keep their brightness. Your veneers will be specifically designed just for you, so they will resemble your natural teeth. And veneers are typically less expensive than dental crowns.

What is Central Sleep Apnea?

What is Central Sleep Apnea?Although it occurs in fewer people than obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea is equally as damaging as its counterpart. It occurs when your brain does not send the proper signals to the muscles that control your breathing. This differs from obstructive which is when your tongue or other soft tissues block the flow of air. The most common symptom is loud snoring that is interrupted by pauses or gasps for air. If you think you have central sleep apnea, contact our expert in sleep apnea in Northridge.

Central sleep apnea can occur as a result of other health conditions such as heart attack or stroke. Sleeping at a high altitude could also result in central sleep apnea. Another type of central sleep apnea is Cheyne-Stokes breathing, which is most commonly associated with congestive heart failure or stroke. It is characterized by a gradual increase and decrease in breathing effort.

There is also drug-induced apnea which occurs when you take certain medications such as opioids like oxycodone and codeine sulfate. These can cause your breathing to become irregular or to temporarily stop completely. If you want to ensure the well-being of your overall health, it is best to seek treatment from our expert in central sleep apnea in Northridge.

Options for Managing Sleep Apnea

Options for Managing Sleep ApneaDo you or a loved one snore at night? Although snoring is often viewed as something that is merely mildly irritating, it could also be a symptom of a much larger problem known as sleep apnea .This sleeping disorder is the result of the airways becoming blocked at night, and as a result, a patient could stop breathing potentially hundreds of times every night. Once our dentist in North Hollywood has diagnosed you with sleep apnea, you must begin treatment before more serious complications arise.

Some patients are able to find relief from simple lifestyle changes. These can include losing weight, avoiding alcohol, or switching to a different sleeping position. Our expert in sleep apnea in North Hollywood can treat mild cases of the disorder using mouthpieces. These devices can be put into the mouth to reposition the lower jaw or keep the tongue stiff so that your airways will remain open.

More severe cases of sleep apnea will need to be treated with a CPAP machine. This is a device that requires you to put a mask over your nose, and then a machine pumps air through your airways. It is widely considered to be the most effective way to treat sleep apnea. Only in extreme situations will surgery be necessary.

What is the Best Age to Start Orthodontic Treatment?


Orthodontic treatment can benefit patients of all ages, but braces are most commonly associated with children and adolescents. Whereas orthodontic treatment in children often focuses on developmental guidance, treatment in both kids and adults improves long-term oral health and appearance. Here is more about the best age to start orthodontic treatment.
Orthodontics for Children

Children should generally have their need for orthodontics assessed by age seven. With early orthodontic treatments, more children are able to develop healthy permanent teeth and jaws. Depending on individual requirements, our orthodontist may recommend braces around age seven or during adolescence. Certain patients may also benefit from wearing braces during both developmental stages.

Braces for Adults

Although the teeth and jaws of adults have already finished developing, adults still receive major benefits from braces. For example, correction of bite irregularities lowers risks of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Better-looking teeth can also improve self-confidence and quality of life.

Depending on the extent of treatment required and the type of braces chosen, patients generally complete orthodontic treatment in one to two years. Afterwards, our orthodontist gives patients retainers to wear in order to preserve their results. To learn more about the best age to start orthodontic treatment, patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist in Torrance.