Advantages of Full Dentures

Advantages of Full DenturesWhen one or more teeth in the mouth are missing, there are many tooth replacement options to restore appearance and function of missing teeth. One of the most common tooth replacement options is dentures. Today’s dentures are more comfortable and easier to care for than ever before, making them a popular choice for those who are missing teeth.

Full dentures refer to dentures that replace an entire arch, or row, of teeth, either top or bottom. Full dentures are easier to fit than partial dentures, and there is no need to have any other healthy teeth available in an arch for placement as is the case with a partial denture or fixed dental bridge.

When you have dentures, this restores both the function and appearance of your teeth so you can smile, speak, and eat. Dentures can be removed for easy cleaning and can even be soaked overnight for convenience.

Dentures can be lined and relined for proper fit and a better hold. With time, you can enjoy most of your favorite foods. If you need to have any of your original teeth replaced, talk to your dentist about the best tooth replacement options for you.

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