Does Snap On Smile Affect Diet?

Does Snap On Smile Affect Diet?Foods and drinks that significantly stain your teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious. You may be more hesitant to smile and speak around others, so whitening your smile can help give you that boost of confidence you need. If other whitening methods do not work or if they are too expensive, consider getting a new Snap On Smile from our Snap On Smile dentist.

Snap On Smile can restore your teeth to their former glory, and it barely imposes any restrictions on your diet. Just like your regular teeth, Snap On Smile can stain, so although things like wine, coffee, soda, and tea should be limited, you will not need to avoid them altogether. You can even drink them while you are wearing your Snap On Smile. In fact, you can eat practically anything while wearing the aligners. The only thing that should be avoided is gum and other sticky foods. But you can always remove your smile if you feel like indulging a little bit.

If you have any other concerns about how Snap On Smile will affect your life, schedule a consultation with our expert in Snap On Smile in Los Angeles.

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