Does Invisalign Affect Speech?

Does Invisalign Affect Speech?Invisalign, like other orthodontic treatments, may affect speech slightly in some patients. Fortunately, the problem rarely persists. Here is more about how Invisalign can affect speech, how long the issue lasts, and how patients can overcome speech difficulties more quickly after beginning treatment with our expert in Invisalign in Torrance.

Invisalign and Speech

Any mouthpiece that alters the distance from the tongue to the teeth can potentially affect speech, and Invisalign is no exception. As a result, a mild lisp can develop until patients get used to wearing their aligners. Many patients never experience this, and research has shown that when the issue does occur, it often goes away within a few hours or days.

Speech Exercises

Patients who want to eliminate their lisp more quickly after beginning Invisalign treatment can practice speech exercises. For example, tongue twisters can improve enunciation quickly by training the tongue to work properly with the aligners in place.

Although speech problems can make patients feel self-conscious, most patients will see this issue disappear quickly if they experience it at all. In terms of appearance, comfort, and oral health, Invisalign is still an excellent option for eligible patients. At a consultation with our Torrance orthodontist, patients can learn more about Invisalign and how it may affect speech.


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