Tooth Loss and Dental Bridges

Tooth Loss and Dental BridgesBridges are an attractive option for restoring lost teeth, especially if they are located in an obvious spot. They are fixed to anchor implants or healthy abutment teeth so that they stay in place permanently, as opposed to removable appliances. Our Canoga Park dentist finds that patients prefer them over other restorations because they look and feel as natural as real teeth.

Tooth loss not only hurts self-esteem, but over time it causes a lot of other problems with the remaining teeth and gums. It is best not to wait once teeth are lost or extracted because it creates more difficulty the longer the mouth is allowed to adjust to the gap. Dental bridges fill in the spaces so that surrounding teeth do not begin to drift into the space or lose alignment. It also stimulates the gums so that they do not wear away and alter the shape of the face.

Our expert in dental bridges in Canoga Park has great success with patients that choose this restoration for tooth loss over dentures. After the initial adjustment period, they begin to feel so similar to natural teeth that most people forget they are not real. Cleaning is as simple as regular everyday brushing and flossing to remove bacteria and debris from between the bridge material.

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