Dental Implants after Bone Loss

Dental Implants after Bone LossLosing density in the jaw bone is a fairly common occurrence as people age and as they lose teeth. When a tooth root is no longer stimulating the bone, it can cause that area of the jaw to wither away. The longer the jaw bone is allowed to deteriorate, the harder it is to perform certain dental procedures. If you lack sufficient bone density to hold a dental implant, our Beverly Hills implants expert can perform a bone grafting to restore strength and structure to your jaw bone.

Through bone grafting, a piece of bone is removed from another part of your body (usually the hip), and then it is transplanted into your jaw. It typically takes up to nine months in order for the transplanted bone to develop enough new bone that is strong enough to support an implant. Some patients may only require minor bone grafting, and in these scenarios, the bone grafting can take place at the same time as the implant procedure.

Bone grafting can ensure a solid base for your implant, and in most cases, patients can enjoy their new implant for several decades.


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