Can a Dental Implant Cause a Sinus Infection?

Can a Dental Implant Cause a Sinus Infection?Although it is rare, a dental implant can cause sinus problems in certain situations. The only time where there would be any risk of a sinus infection occurring as a result of a dental implant would be if the implant was placed in the upper front teeth. This is because those teeth are close to the sinus cavity, and if the implant protrudes into this cavity, it can easily cause the area to become infected or inflamed.

If you are having an implant placed into an area where it could affect the sinuses, our expert will need to examine the bone quality of that area to make sure it is sufficient enough to support an implant. An implant placed anywhere in the mouth will need strong jaw bone density in order to properly integrate, but if an implant is replacing an upper front tooth, it is even more important.

If there is not enough bone density to support a dental implant, our expert will need to perform a sinus augmentation. This procedure involves lifting the existing jaw bone into the sinus cavity in order to create enough space for a bone graft. A graft is then performed in order to create more bone in the area where the implant will be placed.


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