Is the Lumineers Cost Worth it?

Is the Lumineers Cost Worth it?Lumineers are a great way to cover up any and all imperfection within your smile. Whether you have chips, cracks, gaps, or stains, Lumineers can be adhered onto the surface of the affected teeth so that you can enjoy your smile once again. Prior to getting the Lumineers bonded, you will need to undergo a comprehensive dental examination with our dentist to make sure you are a good candidate. And at some point during this exam, the Lumineers cost will have to be discussed.

The total cost will include all aspects of the treatment from the smile analysis to the actual bonding. All patients should view the procedure as an investment in their overall well-being and health. Are flaws in your smile making you hesitant to show off those pearly whites to others? Having a less than perfect smile can be a serious detriment to your social life, but Lumineers can help restore your confidence so that you can smile once more.

Some of the cost can be kept down since Lumineers do not require any removal of the enamel. No drilling or shots are needed, so you can have your Lumineers placed comfortably.


What You Should Know about Dental Fillings

What You Should Know about Dental FillingsMany people will develop a cavity at some point in their lives, and when this occurs, the easiest way to treat it is with a dental filling. If too much plaque accumulates on a tooth, then the tooth can begin to decay, and this can cause severe discomfort and inhibit the proper function of the tooth. It is imperative that you see one of our San Fernando Valley dentists for treatment as soon as you can before the decay spreads further into the tooth. If the infection affects the innermost pulp of the tooth, the only treatment will be a root canal, which is a lot more invasive.

In order to treat tooth decay, our expert in dental fillings in San Fernando Valley will remove all the decayed areas of the tooth. Once the decay is removed, the areas will be cleaned out, and the filling will be put into place. This filling will prevent future decay from occurring. The filling can be made out of a variety of materials including gold, composite resin, or porcelain. You can talk with our dentist to see which material would be preferable to your situation. Our dentist will also give you advice on how to prevent decay from occurring in other teeth.

Facts about Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Facts about Obstructive Sleep ApneaThere are three different kinds of sleep apnea, and obstructive sleep apnea is the most common. It occurs when your throat muscles relax to the point where they block the flow of air. It is believed that this condition affects about 18 million Americans, and it can stop your breathing dozens or even hundreds of times every night. As a result, many patients report to our expert in sleep apnea in Pasadena that they experience daytime fatigue, morning headaches, chest pains, dry mouth, sore throat, mood changes, and insomnia.

If it is left untreated, it can eventually lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Due to this, it is very important that you get a proper diagnosis from our expert in obstructive sleep apnea in Pasadena as soon as you can so that we can determine the severity of your condition.

Once the severity is determined, we can make recommendations as to what the best treatment might be. Sometimes, all you need to do is make certain lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, exercising more, or losing weight. If that does not work, you may be prescribed a mouthpiece to wear while you sleep, which will keep your airways open. A CPAP is also very effective at allowing you to breathe at night. In extreme circumstances, surgery may be the only option.

The Reason Dentists Emphasize Dental Cleaning

The Reason Dentists Emphasize Dental CleaningBrushing and flossing your teeth twice a day should be part of any good oral hygiene routine. But you still need to see our Agoura Hills dentist for regular dental cleanings. The reason you are supposed to brush and floss every day is because bacteria adheres to your teeth every day through the foods that you eat. If too many food particles build up, it can develop into plaque and eventually tartar. When tartar has formed, the only way to remove it is with a professional deep cleaning.

Our expert in dental cleaning in Agoura Hills will thoroughly clean your teeth during every biannual dental examination. These cleanings are necessary in order to prevent the gum tissue from becoming infected and causing the gum line to recede. Gum recession is the result of bacteria building up below the gum line, and these pockets can be very difficult to clean on your own.

Some people may be more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay than others, so ask your dentist if you could benefit from any further home treatments. Sometimes a special mouthwash will be recommended that can help keep plaque buildup at bay.

How to Clean a Tooth with Dental Veneer

How to Clean a Tooth with Dental VeneerA popular cosmetic treatment that can cover up a variety of imperfection in your smile is dental veneers. These are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded directly to the surface of the teeth, and since they are made out of porcelain, they are very difficult to stain. This means your smile will remain bright and white for quite a while. And they are a much less invasive cosmetic solution when compared to crowns or implants.

Veneers can be used to cover up stains, chips, cracks, and gaps, but our dentist will need to examine your smile first to make sure veneers are the best choice. Veneers do require a small amount of enamel to be removed in order to fit properly, so some patients may not be able to give up that much enamel. If it is determined that dental veneers are not the best choice, a different cosmetic solution will be recommended.

Veneers can last up to 15 years if properly cared for, and sometimes they can last even longer. It all depends on how well you take care of them. You should continue to brush and floss your teeth twice a day to remove harmful bacteria and stains. And you should schedule regular check-ups with your dentist so that we can make sure your veneers stay in top shape.

Full Mouth Reconstruction for TMJ

Full Mouth Reconstruction for TMJHeadaches may not seem like a problem for your dentist, but if you suffer from chronic migraines, pain in the jaw or head, or persistent headaches, make sure to tell your dentist. We will examine the way your upper and lower teeth fit together and examine your jaw joints to see if you suffer from a TMJ disorder. Your temporomandibular joint is the joint that allows you to open and close your mouth, so you can eat and speak properly. When something bad happens to it, it can be a major inconvenience to your everyday life.

You may suffer from a TMJ disorder if you experience a painful clicking in your jaw joints, an inability to open or close your mouth, chronic teeth grinding, or unexplained tooth wear. In addition to correcting the problem in your joints, our dentist may also need to correct other oral health problems, and if this is the case, you could probably benefit the most from a complete full mouth reconstruction.

The most common source of a TMJ disorder is teeth grinding, and if you suffer from bruxism, you will most likely be prescribed a mouth guard to wear at night so that your teeth and joints are protected against the forces of grinding.

Advantages of Invisalign Express

Advantages of Invisalign ExpressInvisalign is a revolutionary new orthodontic treatment system that can correct your teeth in the same amount of time as traditional, metal braces. But our Invisalign provider in Los Angeles is also proud to offer Invisalign Express to correct minor misalignments. Invisalign Express can be completed in about half the time as traditional Invisalign, and it may also be recommended for patients who have suffered a relapse in a previous orthodontic treatment.

Users of Invisalign Express will follow the same protocol as regular Invisalign users. You will need to change your aligners every two weeks, and most minor misalignments can be corrected using just five sets of aligners. Other than a reduce time, patients will be able to enjoy all the same benefits as regular Invisalign aligners. You will be able to remove your aligners so that you can continue to eat without discomfort. You can also take them out while you brush and floss your teeth so that your oral health does not suffer.

Invisalign Express is less expensive than traditional Invisalign treatment, so if you think you will only require minor adjustments, talk to your dentist about getting Invisalign Express.