What are Gum Grafts?

What are Gum Grafts?Gum grafts are a type of periodontal treatment that may be needed to protect exposed roots. Periodontal disease, aggressive toothbrushing, and genetics can all lead to a receding gum line. As gums pull away from teeth, they can leave teeth looking too long, and they can leave the roots vulnerable and still be at further risk of recession. You may notice increased sensitivity, and the soft roots may be prone to decay. Our Sherman Oaks periodontist can help you decide if a gum graft is right for you.

A gum graft uses soft tissue from the palate or another donor source to cover the exposed tooth roots. This may be done with just one tooth or several teeth to create an even gum line and address associated problems. In most cases, we can complete a gum graft in a single appointment and with option of sedation. The procedure can stop the recession, reduce the risk of bone loss, and protect your tooth roots. Your smile aesthetics and comfort will be dramatically improved.

We will also explore the reasons behind your original gum loss. Identifying any underlying issues can prevent the problem from happening again. We may recommend gentler dental hygiene techniques or improved attention to your gum health. Quitting smoking may be recommended to promote healing and reduce the risk of future periodontal disease. Give us a call today to learn more about available periodontal treatments or to schedule your appointment with our expert in gum grafts in Sherman Oaks.


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