Surgery for Sleep Apnea

Surgery for Sleep ApneaThere are several different ways to treat sleep apnea based on the severity of your condition. Certain lifestyle changes may be recommended. An oral appliance may be prescribed to prevent oral structures from blocking the flow of air. And a CPAP machine may be given to you so that air can be forced through your airways. Many patients find relief with one of these options; however, certain extreme cases of sleep apnea can only be remedied with sleep apnea surgery.

One type of surgery is called maxillomandibular advancement, and it entails moving the upper and lower jaws and chin in order to open up the airways. This surgery will also involve moving the position of the tongue so that it is less likely to collapse into the throat during sleep.

Our expert in sleep apnea in Northridge also offers uvulopalatopharyngoloplasty (also known as UPPP). This involves removing the uvula and making the soft palate smaller in size. Another option is hyoid suspension, which stabilizes the airways in the vicinity of the thyroid. Surgery is often reserved as a last resort, and most patients who get surgery have often tried and failed to remedy their condition with CPAP therapy.


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