How to Keep Porcelain Crowns Stain-Free

How to Keep Porcelain Crowns Stain-FreePorcelain crowns are often used to cover, protect, and restore teeth that are severely decayed or damaged. Although porcelain is highly stain resistant, crowns can be damaged by poor dental habits. Along with regular visits with our Sherman Oaks cosmetic dentist, good at-home dental habits can keep your crowns looking good for years.

1. Limit your alcohol consumption.
Excessive drinking will not necessarily stain your crown, but it can weaken the bond between the crown and the tooth, which may increase your risk of decay or the loss of the crown.

2. Watch what you bite.
Your teeth are not tools and should not be used as tools. Do not use them to bite pins, chew on pencils, or tear tags. Use the appropriate tools for these jobs. If you engage in contact sports or grind your teeth at night, use a mouth guard to cushion your teeth against damage.

3. Keep your teeth clean.
Porcelain not only does not stain; it also does not decay. However, you can still get cavities on the tooth beneath the crown. Brush after each meal, and floss religiously especially along the margin of the crown to keep plaque and tartar at bay.

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