Do Wines Stain the Teeth?

Do Wines Stain the Teeth?A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if a drink can stain a tablecloth, it can also stain your teeth. And just like you would not want to spill red wine on a perfectly good cloth, you should be wary of exposing your teeth to too much wine as well. Although red wine has numerous health benefits such as protecting blood vessels and preventing blood clots, it can also stain your teeth over time if you drink wine on a regular basis. There are certain steps you can take to avoid excessive wine stains on teeth.

Although they may not be something you would use in public, you can use a wine straw to minimize the contact between the wine and your teeth. You can also use wine wipes to gently eliminate wine residue so that it does not adhere to your teeth. Wine wipes are the preferred method of removing wine stains since they are less abrasive than brushing your teeth immediately after drinking. If you are going to brush your teeth after drinking wine, you should wait at least a half hour so that your enamel has time to re-mineralize. And if you have nothing around you to clean your teeth, you can always simply rinse your mouth out with water to help neutralize the acids.


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