Is the Lumineers Cost Worth it?

Is the Lumineers Cost Worth it?Lumineers are a great way to cover up any and all imperfection within your smile. Whether you have chips, cracks, gaps, or stains, Lumineers can be adhered onto the surface of the affected teeth so that you can enjoy your smile once again. Prior to getting the Lumineers bonded, you will need to undergo a comprehensive dental examination with our dentist to make sure you are a good candidate. And at some point during this exam, the Lumineers cost will have to be discussed.

The total cost will include all aspects of the treatment from the smile analysis to the actual bonding. All patients should view the procedure as an investment in their overall well-being and health. Are flaws in your smile making you hesitant to show off those pearly whites to others? Having a less than perfect smile can be a serious detriment to your social life, but Lumineers can help restore your confidence so that you can smile once more.

Some of the cost can be kept down since Lumineers do not require any removal of the enamel. No drilling or shots are needed, so you can have your Lumineers placed comfortably.


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