Best Dental Extraction Method

Best Dental Extraction MethodAlthough pulling a tooth is never desirable, sometimes it is the only way to preserve overall good oral health. Extracting a tooth becomes necessary when a tooth has extensive decay, has become extremely loose from gum disease, is blocking other teeth from erupting properly, or is interfering with orthodontic treatment. Typically, the most common reason why teeth are extracted is because they are wisdom teeth that need to be pulled to prevent the other teeth from shifting out of position.

The procedure will begin with our expert in dental extraction in Los Angeles giving you either a local anesthetic or general anesthesia. This is to ensure that you do not feel any pain while undergoing the surgery. The preferred method of extracting a tooth involves cutting away the gum and bone tissue that are covering the tooth. Next, the tooth will be clasped with forceps, and our dentist will gently rock it back and forth in order to loosen it from the jaw bone. The hope is that the tooth can be removed in a single piece, but sometimes if the tooth is particularly difficult to pull, it may need to be removed in pieces.


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