How to Keep Invisalign Braces Clean

How to Keep Invisalign Braces CleanInvisalign braces support oral health and appearance thanks to their design, but patients can maximize these features by keeping their aligners clean during treatment. Removing the aligners at appropriate times and cleaning them as advised is essential. Here is more about how cleanliness can be maintained by Invisalign patients.

Avoiding Problems

When being worn, the Invisalign aligners should only be exposed to water. Patients should remove the aligners to drink other liquids or eat anything. Furthermore, patients should avoid smoking or using other tobacco products while wearing the aligners. These precautions will prevent discoloration and accumulation of grime on the aligners.

Cleaning the Aligners

When patients brush their teeth, they should clean the aligners with toothpaste before putting the aligners back in the mouth. A regular toothbrush works well for this purpose and should be used on both the inside and the outside of the aligners.

Discoloration rarely becomes severe as the aligners are always replaced before long. However, the value of cleanliness for oral health makes daily cleaning worthwhile for all Invisalign recipients. At a consultation with our expert in Invisalign braces in San Pedro, patients can learn more about how to clean their aligners and choose products suited for the task.


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