Are Biannual Dental Exams Required?

Are Biannual Dental Exams Required?Daily brushing and flossing should be part of any good oral hygiene routine; however, you still need to schedule regular dental exams with our dentists so that we can detect any oral health problems before they get out of hand. Even if you brush and floss, dental problems can still develop, and many times, they begin as asymptomatic, so you may not even realize something is wrong until you are in pain. Seeing our expert in dental exam in Los Angeles once every six months is the recommended amount of time to ensure your mouth stays healthy.

Your dentist will use these exams as a chance to ask you about your oral health habits and see if there are any areas where you can improve. If you have any dental restorations like a crown or bridge, the dentist will check to make sure it is still working properly. Many dental exams consist of X-rays so that our dentist can see if any problems are developing where we cannot see. And you can expect your teeth to be thoroughly cleaned. Our dentist has tools to clean your teeth more comprehensively than with just a normal toothbrush, so this is a great way to remove any pesky stains and remove any harmful bacteria.


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