Can Teeth Whitening Cause Mouth Ulcers?

Can Teeth Whitening Cause Mouth Ulcers?Teeth whitening procedures almost seem too good to be true. The entire process takes less than an hour to complete, and at the end of it, your smile will be up to eight shades brighter. Our Los Angeles dental whitening expert is well-trained in performing this procedure, and as a result, you have nothing to worry about. Some patients are always worried no matter what kind of dental treatment they are getting, and during the initial consultation, they will ask our dentist if there are any side effects of teeth whitening suck as mouth ulcers. You will be glad to know that teeth whitening treatments produce no side effects.

Some patients will report feeling a slight increased sensitivity immediately following the procedure, but this will subside quickly. After the treatment, your dentist will give you tips on how to make sure your smile stays bright for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the effects gained from a teeth whitening treatment are not permanent, but you can keep them white longer by continuing to brush and floss your teeth every single day. You should also schedule appointments with your dentist once every six months so that you can get your teeth professionally cleaned.


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