Patients in Need of Sedation Dentistry

Patients in Need of Sedation DentistryMany patients experience a certain level of dental anxiety. It is a common problem, but most people understand the benefits of visiting a dental office, so they are able to set aside their fears and get the treatment they need. We guarantee you will feel a lot more at ease once you get a clean bill of health. But some people have a dental phobia that is so severe, they refuse to see a dentist even if they are in extreme pain. Even if nothing is noticeably wrong, you still need to see a dentist in Beverly Hills twice a year for a routine examination to make sure nothing is wrong.

If your dental phobia is preventing you from getting the treatment you need, you should ask your dentist about sedation dentistry techniques. There is no one-size-fits-all method for sedation dentistry, and our expert in sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills will evaluate your exact situation to determine the best kind of sedation for you. We offer nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, to patients who only require a mild bit of sedation. You will still be awake during the procedure, but you will be completely at ease. We also offer greater levels of sedation up to general anesthesia, which will make you completely unconscious.


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