What You Should Know about Temporary Dental Veneers

What You Should Know about Temporary Dental VeneersThe process for getting dental veneers generally takes about two appointments to our expert in dental veneer in Los Angeles. During your first appointment, your teeth will have to be trimmed down so that the veneers can be comfortably adhered to the surface. If the teeth are not trimmed down, the veneers would bulge past your natural teeth and look odd. Impressions will be taken of your altered teeth, and the impressions are sent to a lab where your veneers will be designed. In between appointments, you will have to wear temporary veneers.

Temporary veneers are necessary for your smile to retain its natural appearance between appointments; otherwise, some of your teeth will look very strange for a few weeks. Temporaries are also necessary to prevent any increased sensitivity or comfort. The enamel is the outer surface of the tooth that protects the more sensitive dentin layer. Temporary dental veneers prevent any unpleasant discomfort during this time.

Temporary veneers can also be a chance to “test-drive” your new smile. Your veneers can be customized to meet whatever specifications you have in mind. If your temporaries appear too long or too short, then any necessary adjustments can be made to your permanent veneers.

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