How to Maintain Dentures

How to Maintain DenturesDentures are one of the oldest restoration options dentists have been using for decades. And compared to dentures of the past, modern day dentures are much more comfortable and effective. You have your choice of partial or full dentures depending on how many teeth you have lost. Patients who have only lost a few teeth should consider partial dentures while patients who have lost all of their teeth should seriously think about getting full dentures. Our Beverly Hills dentist can examine your mouth to see what restoration would work best for you.

Following the placement, our expert in dentures in Beverly Hills will give you aftercare instructions on how to take care of your dentures. Even if you have already lost all of your teeth, you should still brush your gums to prevent harmful bacteria from building up. Gum disease is still a real possibility when you have lost your teeth so you should continue to maintain your gum tissue.

You will also be given a denture cleaning kit so that you have the exact tools you need to care for your restoration. While you are wearing your dentures, you should avoid any habits that could damage the veneers like chewing on ice cubes or grinding your dentures.

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