Can a Person with Dental Implants Have an MRI?

Recovery After Dental ExtractionMRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a common test used by doctors to diagnose and assess a variety of diseases. Because MRIs contain powerful magnets, they must be avoided by patients with certain types of metal implants anywhere in the body. However, this treatment from our Los Angeles dental implant expert does not present this problem.

Magnets, including those used in MRI scanners, only react with iron or iron-containing metals. Titanium, the metal used to make dental implants, does not contain any iron and does not cause problems with MRI scans as a result. This means that implant recipients can undergo MRI scans safely.

Patients should still inform MRI technicians of their dental implants as the titanium must be identified in the resulting images. Furthermore, dental implants could distort the images if the area of focus is close enough to the teeth.

MRI is an important medical exam that patients with dental implants can safely receive. However, MRI technicians should still know whether patients have dental implants because the implants could affect the images taken. Patients can learn more about why dental implants are safe in combination with magnetic resonance imaging at a consultation with our expert in dental implant procedure in Los Angeles.


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