What Can an Endodontist Do For My Teeth if I Need a Root Canal?

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Hearing you need a root canal can be an anxiety-inducing experience. However, with skilled endodontist, you have nothing to fear. With his decades of experience, our dentist is highly-skilled in all phases of root canal therapy, from initial diagnosis to formulating a treatment plan. Our dentist even performs root canals on primary teeth (children’s “milk” teeth), as well as root canal retreatments and endodontic implants.

If you have been given a treatment plan that includes the recommendation for a root canal, entrust your endodontic care to a specialist like our dentist, whose sole focus is performing root canal therapy. Our dentist has the extra training that a general dentist often lacks, and has taken many referrals from other dentists looking to salvage a tooth.

A root canal is the best way to salvage your teeth, if decay is close to the nerve, or if you have a deep infection that cannot be treated with a filling. Our dentist will diagnose your problem during a thorough exam that includes studying your dental X-rays and asking you about any symptoms you have. Some patients may need a root canal if their tooth is sore when it is tapped, or if it is sensitive to temperature changes. Some will experience a constant, throbbing pain that is a telltale sign of infection.


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