What is Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Full mouth reconstruction is a unique combination of treatments focused on correcting functional problems within the mouth after patients have suffered damage because of disease, tooth decay, accidents or assault. By opting for combined reconstruction rather than individual treatments, patients can get the results they need more quickly.

Treatments Used in Reconstruction

The treatments our dentist recommends for reconstruction can vary based on the issues patients want to fix. Restorations, such as fillings and dental crowns, may be used to repair damaged teeth. Implants, dentures or bridges may be used to replace missing teeth. Periodontal care for gum disease, orthodontics for crooked teeth and cosmetic procedures for aesthetic improvement may also be advised.

Candidacy for Reconstruction

The best candidates for reconstruction are those who need primarily functional improvements to their oral tissues. Candidacy for individual options can vary in relation to the health of the patient and the invasiveness and sedation requirements for the procedures.

Reconstruction can improve overall wellness by reducing risks of infection and enhancing the effectiveness of teeth for chewing and communication. By scheduling a consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood, patients interested in reconstruction can learn more about what it involves and how it may help them.


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