Teeth Whitening and Pregnancy


Pregnancy can be an exciting time in a woman’s life, but there are so many questions that often come with it. You may be unclear about what can and cannot be done during this time, and your doctor and dentist will be there for you to walk you through this time. Certain health concerns need to be addressed immediately, but certain cosmetic procedures should be deferred until after pregnancy. One of these procedures includes tooth whitening.

There are numerous ways to brighten your teeth, including over-the-counter strips and gels as well as in-office procedures. Both of these forms of tooth whitening include hydrogen peroxide, which the American Dental Association has found no significant oral or systemic health concerns to women who took it during pregnancy. However, these women took below the recommended amount of hydrogen peroxide, so the jury is still out on whether or not whitening your teeth during pregnancy will carry any significant long-term health effects.

The best advice is to not risk it. Whitening your teeth should not be an immediate concern during this time, but you should still see a dentist to receive routine dental examinations. Your teeth and gums can still be cleaned while you are pregnant so that harmful bacteria do not get a chance to build up and create oral health problems.

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