Importance of Regular Exam and Cleaning by Your Dentist

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The American Dental Association highly recommends biannual dental cleanings and exams. Unfortunately, many people skip or delay these appointments. This is especially common in those with dental phobias or fears. If you are due for your next Dental Exam and Cleaning, but are unsure about scheduling, we can give you some great reasons to not ignore it.

  1. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy
    Bad breath, cavities, pain, gum disease and other problems tend to develop slowly, but can reach advanced stages before you notice symptoms. Regular checkups can catch the early symptoms you may not spot to ensure that you get timely and appropriate treatment.
  1. Preventing future problems
    Your teeth might be healthy now, but some lifestyle and dental habits may be putting your future dental health at risk. During your exam, we will review your risk factors and suggest the steps you can take to avoid any problems.
  1. Removing stains
    While a professional cleaning may not be the same as a teeth whitening treatment, it can be highly effective when it comes to removing superficial stains. We polish your teeth to create a bright, healthy shine that will make you feel more confident right away.

Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our North Hollywood Dentist.


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