Dental Implants Adverse Effects

How to Maintain Dentures

Complications or problems with dental implants are rare. In fact, the long-term success rate for dental implants is between 95 percent and 98 percent. For most patients, implants can permanently restore a smile and improve their oral health and function. However, complications can occur, but being aware of these adverse effects can allow you to better weigh the pros and cons to make the decision that is best for you.

1. Inflammation and infection
This is most common in patients with a receding gum line, more commonly in diabetics and smokers or in response to poor dental hygiene. Plaque, tartar and bacteria can collect around the implant, triggering inflammation. Good dental hygiene can dramatically reduce the risk of peri-implantitis.

2. Rejection
The implant is made of biocompatible material, making it easier for the body to accept, but it can be rejected. Rejection is most common in smokers, people who grind their teeth, or those with allergies to the materials used in the implant.

3. Nerve damage
Many nerves are located around the teeth, and the anesthetic or placement of implants can possibly damage nerves. An experienced implants dentist can dramatically reduce the risk of this complication.

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