When is Dental Bonding a Better Option?

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Dental bonding can be a great way to repair flaws on your smile. Dental bonding involves placing composite resin on the teeth, shaping it carefully and then hardening it by using a curing light. Although bonding is often times used for restorative purposes, it also has cosmetic value. Here is a look at when dental bonding may be a better option than alternatives.

Bonding can be used to repair broken teeth, fill decayed teeth or hide unsightly tooth stains. Cracked or chipped teeth can be covered by using veneers or crowns, but bonding can be preferable when expense and treatment time are concerns. Teeth that have internal stains or very heavy external stains can also be concealed with bonding. Our San Fernando Valley cosmetic dentist may recommend bonded fillings, since they are tooth colored and do not contain mercury. Finally, bonding can be an ideal treatment in a variety of situations for patients who cannot or will not undergo invasive procedures due to their poor healing capacity or other reasons.

Bonding can last for several years only if taken care of with daily home dental hygiene and regular checkups. If stains ever develop on the bonded areas, our expert in dental bonding in San Fernando Valley can remove the discolored portions and apply fresh bonding. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about when bonding is preferable to alternatives.


Can Lumineers Make a Significant Difference?

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If you have looked into the current trends in cosmetic dentistry, you can see how popular Lumineers have become as an alternative to other veneers. Lumineers are applied adhesively to your existing teeth to provide a comfortable and secure fit. With the porcelain material, Lumineers are also stain resistant, so they can last as long as 20 years or even longer. If you continue to practice the recommended routine oral hygiene, Lumineers can be a profitable upgrade to your smile.

If your teeth are chipped, cracked, stained, or otherwise just in need of some brightening, Lumineers can change your life. However, Lumineers are best for patients whose teeth are above average in color and below average in size, as Lumineers tend to make the teeth look larger. Also, the non-prep veneer like Lumineers may not be appropriate if you are looking to address spaces between the teeth, or mollify misalignment or crowding. Lumineers are a cosmetic product, and should be seen as a fresh coat of paint, not a full renovation, though.

It is always a good idea to look at Lumineers before and after pictures before deciding on the treatment. After seeing what they have done for other people, you can better visualize yourself with Lumineers. Schedule a consult with our Los Angeles Lumineers expert to learn more about how Lumineers can change your smile.

What Does Invisalign Express Do?


Invisalign Express works just like conventional Invisalign, but it is meant to get the job done faster. Traditional braces can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months, while the average Invisalign treatment case usually takes between 12 and 18 months. Invisalign Express is there to straighten your smile in just six months. You may be a candidate for Invisalign Express if you have minor crowding or spacing issues, orthodontic relapse or other minor orthodontic problems.

The treatment process works the same as the conventional aligners do, but Invisalign Express uses only about 10 stages of aligners. With our cosmetic dentist, each aligner is worn about two weeks at a time before you move to the next aligner in the series. For the best results, you may need manicuring to create more space between the teeth or buttons. This allows us to apply highly focused pressure on specific points of the teeth. These specialized treatments help Invisalign Express work quickly and efficiently.

During your treatment, you will need to maintain good dental hygiene, but you will not need to change your diet. Since you can take your aligners out when you eat and put them back in after you brush and floss, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and snacks. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our expert in Invisalign Express in Long Beach.

Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

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Porcelain crowns are a common choice when it comes to repairing teeth. They cover and protect the entire visible part of the tooth, and this makes them a great option for teeth that have experienced severe damage or decay. Our cosmetic dentist in Northridge may recommend a porcelain crown if you have a tooth with a large filling, a tooth that has fractured or broken or a tooth that has had a root canal treatment.

The benefits of porcelain crown include:
1. A natural-looking appearance
2. Completely customizable color, shape and texture
3. Strength and durability
4. Stain-resistant
5. Safe and biocompatible
6. Comfortable
7. Protective
8. Easy maintenance
9. Improved function

Once the crown is in place, you can use the restored tooth just as you always have. You can brush and floss it as though it is a natural tooth, and it will look so real that you may even forget you have it. By saving the natural tooth using a porcelain crown, you can also be confident that your jawbone will stay stronger and healthier. Call us today to find out more about the best kind of restoration for your needs or to schedule an appointment with our expert in porcelain crowns in Northridge.

How to Make Veneers Last Longer

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Dental veneers are thin, porcelain shells that are designed to cover the front surface of damaged or undesirable teeth. Indeed, veneers have become a popular choice for those patients looking to undergo a smile makeover. Most veneers tend to last around 10 years, but some reports indicate that they may last up to 15 years with exceptional care. Our expert in veneers in Van Nuys has a few tips for making sure that your veneers will last as long as possible.

It is most important to keep good dental hygiene habits or to start practicing good dental hygiene after getting veneers. Brush and floss your teeth daily, and make sure to go to the dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups. If you play sports, our Van Nuys cosmetic dentist strongly recommends that you wear a mouthguard while active. If you suffer from bruxism, the grinding of the teeth while asleep, make sure to wear a mouthguard for this condition, as well.

There are many substances that may not stain the veneers, but they can stain the natural teeth underneath them and create a multi-color appearance of the teeth if you are not careful. Some of these substances are tobacco products, red wine, colas, coffee, tea, and berries. Patients should be careful of any foods and beverages containing a strong dye, also. Take caution with hard foods, as well, such as nuts and candy. Furthermore, do not chew on your fingernails or on non-edible items like pen caps. Using a combination of common sense and good oral hygiene will result in you getting the most out of your veneers.

Risks of Dental Veneers


As with any type of dental treatment, dental veneers can have risks and drawbacks. Understanding your options fully, and determining the risks and benefits with veneers is critical to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your treatment results.

Potential risks of dental veneers include:

1. Decay under the veneer
The porcelain material of the veneers cannot decay, but tooth decay can occur around the margins of the veneers. This can unfortunately lead to the failure of the veneer. Good dental hygiene can dramatically reduce the risk of decay, though.

2. Irreversible changes to the tooth
Since some of the enamel is removed during the prepping process to make room for the veneer, the treatment is considered irreversible.

3. Veneer damage
Chewing fingernails, grinding teeth and opening packages using you teeth can all damage your veneers, and can cause them to fail entirely.

4. Staining
While porcelain is highly stain resistant, veneers can become stained if they are not properly cleaned or if you consume large amounts of stain-causing foods or drinks.

5. Sensitivity
Patients with sensitive teeth may experience heightened sensitivity after having veneers placed. This sensitivity will usually resolve quickly, but for some, it can be a long-lasting problem.

Call us today to learn more about the risks and benefits of dental veneers or to schedule your appointment with our Beverly Hills porcelain veneers expert.

What is the Purpose of Invisalign Retainers?

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If you have started treatment with Invisalign, then you probably already know how its treatment works. The aligner trays straighten your teeth methodically over a smooth timeline devised by your dentist. Did you know that wearing an Invisalign retainer is the finishing touch to the process? Without the use of a retainer after orthodontic treatment, your teeth could resume their old crooked ways.

Teeth are as subject to aging, as any other part of the body does, and they cannot stay straight forever. Teeth tend to sink inward and forward as we age. As our expert in Invisalign in Burbank will tell you, wearing a retainer is the most important part of your Invisalign aftercare. It will delay the reversal your body will try to force on you.

Basically, the straightening of the teeth involves the slow depositing and redepositing of bone. Retainers hold your newly-straightened teeth into position while new bone cements around them. It is recommended that you wear your retainer 12 to 22 hours per day for the first three to six months after Invisalign treatment. If that time is logged successfully, most patients are able to switch to wearing their retainer only at night for the next six months, and then three to five times a week thereafter.

Remember, you only have to wear your retainer for as long as you want your teeth to stay straight. For more information about how retainers help keep your teeth straight, talk to our expert in Invisalign retainers in Burbank.