Candidates for Smile Makeover

Portrait of happy blond woman

A smile makeover can improve an appearance profoundly through a custom selection of cosmetic dental treatments. While makeovers can include a wide range of procedures, candidacy for individual parts of a makeover will vary. At the same time, candidacy for a smile makeover can be considered in terms of who benefits most from having multiple treatments performed.

Candidacy for Separate Options

Eligibility criteria primarily depends on the current condition of the teeth and the healing capacity of the patient. For example, treatment with veneers may require other procedures to prepare damaged teeth beforehand, such as bonding and fillings. Tobacco smoking and uncontrolled diabetes can affect candidacy for invasive procedures by impairing healing, such as dental implants.

Candidacy for Smile Makeovers

Patients who would benefit from multiple cosmetic procedures are the best candidates for a smile makeover. When several types of cosmetic flaws are present, a smile makeover will organize the process of improving the teeth in all of the ways required. Potential candidates can view smile makeover before and after images to see how issues similar to their own have been addressed.

An initial exam is required to identify areas for improvement and to outline treatment options for selection by patients. At a consultation with our dentist, patients can find out if they are good candidates for a smile makeover.

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