Risks of Dental Veneers


As with any type of dental treatment, dental veneers can have risks and drawbacks. Understanding your options fully, and determining the risks and benefits with veneers is critical to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your treatment results.

Potential risks of dental veneers include:

1. Decay under the veneer
The porcelain material of the veneers cannot decay, but tooth decay can occur around the margins of the veneers. This can unfortunately lead to the failure of the veneer. Good dental hygiene can dramatically reduce the risk of decay, though.

2. Irreversible changes to the tooth
Since some of the enamel is removed during the prepping process to make room for the veneer, the treatment is considered irreversible.

3. Veneer damage
Chewing fingernails, grinding teeth and opening packages using you teeth can all damage your veneers, and can cause them to fail entirely.

4. Staining
While porcelain is highly stain resistant, veneers can become stained if they are not properly cleaned or if you consume large amounts of stain-causing foods or drinks.

5. Sensitivity
Patients with sensitive teeth may experience heightened sensitivity after having veneers placed. This sensitivity will usually resolve quickly, but for some, it can be a long-lasting problem.

Call us today to learn more about the risks and benefits of dental veneers or to schedule your appointment with our Beverly Hills porcelain veneers expert.


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