Is Surgery Needed for Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer many benefits due to their placement in the jawbone. To have the implants inserted, patients must undergo oral surgery. Patients whose jaws have insufficient mass may also require surgery for bone grafting to ensure proper stabilization.

How Implant Placement Works

To insert implants, our dentist first makes incisions in the gums. Some holes are then drilled into the jawbone to create space for the new root. After the implants are placed in these holes, they are given time to heal to integrate with the bone tissue.

How Bone Grafting Works

Bone grafting involves attaching bone tissue to the jaws to bolster their size. Over time, the bone grafts generate production of new bone tissue to increase the density and mass. This can take anywhere from three to nine months for most patients, but the results support long-term stability of the implants that are subsequently placed.

We always use anesthesia and the availability of sedation to ensure that patients will avoid discomfort during the dental implants procedure. A variety of factors, including alcohol use, smoking, uncontrolled diabetes and nutritional status can all affect candidacy for this procedure and how long the jaw can take to heal. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about implant surgery and how it is performed.


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