What Type of Dental Problems are Fixed with Lumineers?

Lumineers remain one of the most versatile products in dentistry. Praised for their exceptional cosmetic benefit, they have gained additional respect for their orthodontic properties. While they cannot fix deeper issues with bite, jaw malformation, or TMJ symptoms, they can assist you with more superficial factors in your smile.

Among the dental problems addressed by these special veneers are:

• Improperly gapped or spaced teeth
• Rotated or crowded teeth
• Teeth that are uneven in color or shape
• Teeth that have fallen into disrepair after old dental work

The veneers themselves are made of porcelain, and they are made to go right over your natural teeth with next to no invasive prep. These are the thinnest veneers yet, making them extremely good at mimicking the way natural teeth reflect light. Any smile dampened by age or health can be instantly brightened with the use of Lumineers.

If you are unsure about what Lumineers can offer you, we recommend taking a look at our Lumineers before and after images. Somewhere in the pictures, you will find a previous patient with similar problems and how those problems were fixed by Lumineers.

To find out more about the benefits with Lumineers, schedule a consult with our team.


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