How Can Black Gums be Remedied?

Black gums are not a health problem for most of those who have them, but they can definitely make anyone feel self-conscious about their smile. If your gums are black, then you may be curious to what your treatment options are. When your gums are naturally dark, it is usually due to genetic factors. Those who have genetic ties to Africa, parts of Asia or the Middle East are the most likely to have naturally darker gums due to the higher levels of melanin found in their skin. This melanin is present not just in their skin but also in their gum tissue. This then leads to brown, purple or black gum tissue.

We offer a permanent black gums remedy. The gum lightening treatment goes straight to the source of the dark tissue and eliminates it. It can also be used on dark stains or discolorations due to lifestyle factors, such as smoking, dietary habits, medications and health issues. A numbing anesthetic is first applied and is then followed by a topical bleaching agent. Some patients may benefit from an additional dermabrasion or mild surgical procedure, as well.

This special gum lightening technique has been used to treat patients from around the world in the past 20 years. The procedure is fast and highly effective. Once your gums have been lightened, they will remain permanently lighter with this procedure. To better understand black gums and the results of our gum whitening treatment, ask to review our black gums pictures during your consultation. Call us to learn more about your available treatments and remedies.


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