Do Veneers Get Chipped?

Dental veneers are made from a very durable form of porcelain, which can make it seem like they are completely invincible. Unfortunately, that statement could not be further from the truth. While they are very strong, veneers can absolutely still be chipped.

One of the most common ways that veneers get chipped is by people biting onto things that they should not be biting even with their natural teeth. Common items that tend to cause issues are pen caps, fingernails, bottle tops, flashlights, and packages that people try opening with their teeth. Falling and hitting your face on the cement or a rock can also cause a chip in the veneer. Overall, anything that can cause a normal tooth to be chipped can also cause a veneer to be chipped.

Bruxism is a medical condition that can cause your veneers to get chipped. People with bruxism either grind or clench their teeth at night while they sleep, causing wear on natural teeth, as well as the veneers. The intense pressure that this causes can lead to cracks and chips in your veneers. Using a mouth guard at night can significantly help with this issue.

If you are thinking about getting veneers to improve the aesthetics of your smile, contact our Beverly Hills dental veneers specialist to schedule a consultation.


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