When is Sedation Dentistry a Good Option?

Sedation dentistry uses special medications to calm your anxiety in the dental chair. Millions of Americans suffer from some degree of dental anxiety, and this can keep them from seeking timely care or otherwise interfere with their ability to enjoy good dental health. Our West Hollywood dentist can help.

We may recommend sedation dentistry if you have:

• A history of dental experiences that were traumatic
• Complex dental issues
• Difficulty getting numb
• A sensitive gag reflex
• Extremely sensitive teeth
• A need for dental surgery
• Limited time to complete multiple procedures
• Dental phobia or anxiety
• Embarrassment about your teeth
• Severe dental problems
• Unbearable pain due to dental neglect
• A history of making and canceling dental appointments repeatedly
• Special needs that make it difficult for you to sit through dental treatment

Sedation can be administered right in our office or by medications you take at home before your appointment. These sedatives allow you to feel relaxed and drowsy during your treatment, and some types will even help reduce your memory of dental care, which can be helpful for those with severe phobias. You do not have to suffer from unbearable dental pain or embarrassment about your teeth any longer. Call us to schedule your appointment with our sedation dentist in West Hollywood and to learn more about your options.


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