How Teenagers Can Use Invisalign

Two women hugging and smiling

Instead of the visual stigma of metal braces, teenagers can now rely on Invisalign Teen, the Invisalign product made just for them. Invisalign Teen uses the same straightening technology as Invisalign, but accounts for the different lifestyle teens have. For instance, the aligners come with special eruption tabs for teeth that may not have come in yet. They can also be fitted with compliance indicators to show approximate wear time.

Since teens have a lot going on and often lose or forget things, our expert in Invisalign Teen in Agoura Hills will make sure the patient gets up to six replacement aligners, just in case.

Teens love wearing the clear aligners as a less embarrassing form of orthodontia, and also because it allows them to follow a regular, even snacky diet. Since the aligners are fully removable, you can eat whatever you want. This means you can brush and floss as normal before putting the aligners back in.
Teens who are especially active, in sports or music for example, will find that the aligners are much less intrusive than braces while eliminating the fear of being cut. Last but not least, the extreme subtlety of Invisalign is a great morale boost in these activities, as well.

For more about Invisalign Teen, contact our Agoura Hills cosmetic dentists.

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