Benefits of Non Surgical Periodontal Treatments

When it comes to maintaining proper oral health, it is important to first exhaust all non-surgical options before deciding on surgery. Especially during the early stages of gum disease, a non-surgical approach may be all that is necessary in order to return a patient to a state of good oral health.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. It is characterized by swollen, red gums that tend to bleed easily during brushing. At this stage, gum disease can be reversed. Scaling and root planing is an effective procedure for dealing with gingivitis. Scaling is when the dentist scrapes away all the plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline. Root planing is when our Los Angeles periodontics expert removes the hard bacterial deposits that can form at the root of the tooth. By eliminating the plaque and tartar from the teeth and making the root as smooth as possible, it encourages the gums to heal more snugly around the teeth and prevent further decay. Scaling and root planing must be followed by regular brushing and flossing in order to be completely effective. Tray delivery systems can also be used as a non-surgical periodontal treatment to deliver necessary medications to the gum and teeth. These trays are custom-designed to fit the mouth of the patient.

If you think that you might benefit from one of these procedures, contact our expert in non surgical periodontal treatments in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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