When are Dental Bridges Used for Tooth Replacement?

Dental implantIf your tooth loss is not catastrophic, meaning you do not require a partial or full denture or multiple implants, then our expert in dental bridges in Beverly Hills may recommend you have a dental bridge installed. This is one of the easiest terms in dentistry both to picture and implement, as a gap is being literally bridged.

To do this, the doctor will use existing teeth, those to either side of the void, as abutments. These teeth are first shaved, and then crowned to accommodate the pontic, or replacement tooth. Shaving the teeth alters them irreversibly, and their job has now changed. Abutment teeth are there to anchor the pontic, and ensure the gap, where the missing teeth were, does not lead to any complication.

Your pontic will be made from high-grade porcelain, which is used in most dental restorations today. This product looks utterly natural, and even mimics the tones and shades of your natural teeth.

Both dentists and patients like bridges for their reversibility, and for their relatively low cost. Note that bridges are reversible in that if a complication arises, crowns and pontics are easily replaced. What is not reversible is the work done to the abutment teeth, as enamel cannot be put back.

For more on ideal conditions for dental bridges, contact our dentist in Beverly Hills.


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