How are Teeth Restored?

Autumn woman

When teeth fail, dentists rely on a variety of restorations. Depending on how catastrophic the loss is, restorative dentistry can give you back your smile with only a minimum of invasion.

Fillings are perhaps the easiest option, for cavities and light decay. Modern fillings are made from a tooth-colored composite designed to blend into the natural shades of your smile.

When a tooth cracks or wears down, or needs a root canal, a crown may be in order. This is a tooth-shaped cap that fortifies the structure of the tooth.

Our expert in restorative dentistry in Los Angeles may also prescribe full or partial dentures in cases where multiple teeth are missing. Dentures are custom-molded to your mouth, and can prevent vacancies from adversely affecting the other teeth.

A bridge is similar in function to dentures, in that it stops gaps in your toothline. Adjacent teeth are used as abutments for a false tooth, or pontic, in the middle.

If you have sufficient bone density, you may qualify for dental implants. These are maybe the most radical restoration, as they involve at least two different surgical procedures over a span of months. A titanium root is given time to fuse with the jawbone, and a prosthetic tooth is made to fit over it. Implants are sometimes used in combination with bridges and dentures.

For more about ways to restore teeth, contact our dentist office in Los Angeles.


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