What to Do in Case a Veneer Fall Off the Tooth

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If your veneer falls off your tooth, do not panic, as you are not in any real danger. Simply pick up the veneer and assess the situation. Did it break off whole or in parts? The dentist may be able to reapply a veneer that has broken off whole, but it is unlikely they can piece together a veneer that has broken into pieces. In the case of a veneer that has fallen off only partially, you will likely need to have the veneer replaced. If it has fallen off completely intact, wrap it in a paper towel and place it in a hard case like a medicine bottle. Then call your dentist.

When you go into the dentist, show them the veneer. They will be able to tell you whether it can be placed back onto the tooth or not. A lot will have to do with how it fell off and the condition of the veneer. They will assess if the bonding cement stayed on your tooth or fell off with the veneer. If they determine that it is either impossible or impractical to reattach the veneer, they will recommend having a new veneer placed. The tooth without the veneer will be safe without it, but may be sensitive to hot or cold beverages since some of the enamel was removed. You can cover it with dental wax if it is overly bothersome while your new veneer is being designed.

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