How Often to Clean the Teeth

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It has been repeated countless times to everyone, even if we do not all follow the recommendation: we should brush our teeth twice a day and get a dental examination every six months. Although dentists like to see their patients twice a year, this recommendation is repeated by virtually every dentist and dental organization across the country. Why the consistency?

Because it is the prudent thing to do. Dental examinations are a critical part of oral health for a wide range of reasons. Not only do they check for existing cavities before they get worse and cause pain, but they will also likely notice cancerous developments in the soft tissue, provide cavity and stain prevention measures like fluoride treatment, and much more.

But getting a professional dental cleaning is just as important as any other reason to make and keep those appointments. This process will not only clean the teeth better than normal brushing, but they are able to remove tartar buildup that has hardened on the teeth and reverse the direction of gingivitis by cleaning under the gum line where brushing cannot reach.

Talk to our expert in dental cleaning in Glendale to schedule your appointment today.


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