Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Young business woman smiling

Tooth colored fillings are quickly becoming the filling of choice for patients who are looking to restore their tooth after a cavity. In fact, tooth colored fillings have many benefits associated with them.

Tooth colored fillings are also called composite fillings. That is because they are made from a composite resin material, which is a special mixture of plastic and glass. The reason so many patients prefer composite fillings is because they can be made to very closely match the color of their natural teeth. That quality stands in direct contrast to gold or amalgam fillings, with their high levels of visibility. After the tooth colored filling has bonded to the tooth, it also restores between 85-95 percent of the original strength of the tooth. And the bonding process is quick, as the resin hardens within seconds after being placed onto the tooth by our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist.

Composite fillings can also be used for purposes other than just filling cavities. The composite resin material is actually the same material used for dental bonding, meaning that teeth can be lengthened, reshaped, and even made whiter with the material. The composite resin is also particularly good at fixing chips and gaps in teeth.

Contact our expert in tooth colored fillings in Los Angeles if you think you may have a cavity that needs to be filled.

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