Who Can Use Snap On Smile?

Autumn womanSnap-On Smile is a breakthrough dental appliance that can be used by countless individuals around the world to give them the smile they want and the confidence they deserve. Luckily, the vast majority of all people make excellent Snap-On Smile candidates. This includes people with gaps between teeth, people with teeth of uneven lengths, people with severe discoloration in their smile, and even people missing numerous teeth.

While our Los Angeles Snap-On Smile expert is able to say “Yes” to the vast majority of candidacy inquiries from patients, there are a few instances where they will not work.

Patients with gum disease are ineligible. However, after treating the condition thoroughly and eliminating the disease, these patients are suddenly eligible. As a result, if you want Snap-On Smile for a special event in the near future, begin treatment immediately if you are concerned about gum disease.

Other patients not eligible for this product are those with no natural teeth. A minimum of four teeth are needed to receive this treatment, as these form the support structure. Snap-On Smile makes a good alternative to partial dentures, not full dentures.

Lastly, patients whose front teeth protrude do not make good candidates, unfortunately. Once this issues is addressed, however, candidacy then becomes an option.


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