What are Onlays Used for?

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The bumps or ridges on the biting side of a tooth are called cusps. Cusps are a critical part of our teeth, as they allow us to chew and grind food. To underscore their importance, you will notice that no animals have completely smooth teeth, even plant eaters. Simply put, cusps make chewing possible.

Onlays are a tooth restoration and preservation technique used by our dentists in Agoura Hills for teeth that suffered from decay or chipping of one or more of the cusps of a tooth. It is used to replace the missing cusp so that the patient can chew as they normally would. In fact, dental crowns are just onlays that cover the entire surface of the tooth.

Similar to crowns, all onlays are first molded to fit the tooth receiving it precisely. Once it is shaped, either from the tooth itself or from a mold of the teeth, the material is hardened outside of the mouth. Once it is ready, is then set onto the tooth and cemented into place.

If you have decay on one of your cusps or have suffered trauma that has chipped one off, keep the majority of your natural tooth by having our expert in same day onlays in Agoura Hills place one of these instead of a full crown.


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