When You Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Beauty face of the young beautiful woman

Full mouth reconstructions are quite common and are performed by our cosmetic dentist in Van Nuys regularly. This process, which can involve any number of restoration options, is performed for anyone that has lost a significant number of teeth or is simply unhappy with the appearance or function of their teeth.

Different treatments at the disposal of our dentist includes dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bridges, dentures, bonding, and orthodontic work, among other things. The processes needed depend fully on the interests of the patient. Needing a full mouth reconstruction is both a personal preference and a matter of oral health and our dentist can help you achieve both aims.

At a consultation with our expert in full mouth reconstruction in Van Nuys, you will need to express all of your concerns about your mouth. The dentist will then create a treatment plan specifically for you, providing you with options wherever available ranging from the Cadillac to the Studebaker.

The first step will nearly always be to address any gum disease, if any is present, as virtually no work can be performed until it is eliminated. After which, a carefully designed treatment plan will be followed.

Contact our office in Van Nuys to learn more about the options available for a full-mouth reconstruction.

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