Single Visit Crowns and How They are Made

Beautiful girl at home

Getting a crown on a tooth has traditionally been a hassle of a process involving the placement of a temporary restoration and at least two inconvenient dental visits. However, the process has become significantly easier and more streamlined with the latest advancement in dental technology which allows for same-day crowns. While not everywhere, this incredible technology can be found at the offices of our San Francisco dentists.

The old process, as anyone with a crown can attest, involved bite impressions being made of the teeth, which were shipped off to a factory for the production of a crown to fit the problem tooth. That crown was then placed at a later dental appointment, usually at least two weeks after the first.

This new process is truly a wonder of the modern age. By taking a digital, 3-D image of the mouth, a uniquely designed milling machine can create a perfectly designed restoration in minutes. It is then tempered in a process similar to a small pottery kiln for fifteen or so minutes. At that point, our expert in single visit crowns in San Francisco can place this newly minted restoration by making only minor tweaks to it. While this single visit might be longer than either of the other two visits required for the old process, the one visit is all you need. No hassle of two visits and only day with a numb mouth.


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