Invisalign Treatment and How Long It Takes

For obvious reasons, when a patient is considering getting orthodontic treatment, the conversation always turns to how long Invisalign takes to complete treatment. While this can be estimated with relative certainty while looking at a patient’s set of teeth right in front of a dentist, this is obviously much harder without a consultation. As a general rule, however, patients with significant orthodontic work will typically need a year and a half to two years. Some patients may require more than that. On the other hand, patients with less severe needs can expect to be done in about one year. All of these Invisalign treatments are with a system called Invisalign Full. Patients with even more mild needs may qualify for a different system called Invisalign Express, which takes between three and nine months to complete.

In most cases, the treatment needed for these clear aligners is less than standard metal braces. However, there is certainly no guarantee of any of this in any regard. Teeth are unique to each individual and correction requires a tailor-made plan designed for each patient. The best thing anyone can do is to schedule a free consultation with an Invisalign provider today.

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