Common Treatments Used for Restoring Damaged Teeth

A “damaged” tooth can refer to many different problems. It can mean a cracked or broken tooth, an infected and inflamed tooth, or a tooth that has become completely rotten. Most teeth that have sustained damage have done so due to lack of proper care that has led to loss of enamel, which has in turn lead to a weakened tooth.

A restorative dentist in Los Angeles will be equipped to employ different treatments dependent the particular cause of damage done. Some treatments commonly used are:


  • Crowns: used to cover the top of a tooth after damage caused by chips and cavities
  • Veneers: covers for the front surfaces of teeth to cover chips and cracks
  • Dental bonding: uses a putty-like material to restore teeth after chips, cracks, and decay
  • Inlays and onlays: to treat moderate decay on the molars
  • Root canal treatment: employed when the root of a tooth has become infected
  • Implants: usually used after a root canal treatment to replace the damaged tooth


Damages such as these to the tooth or teeth are not to be cast aside or taken lightly. You should contact a dentist right away. Even if you are not feeling any discomfort or pain, the damage can worsen, resulting in longer, more intense, and more costly treatment.


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