Is Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Terrible tooth ache.

Toothaches let themselves be known in a variety of different ways, but unfortunately, all involve pain. Because there’s no way for us to know what is causing a toothache, we should always treat them as dental emergencies. Sometimes even the littlest bit of pain can be a sign of a serious problem that needs to be treated right away by a toothache dentist in Los Angeles.

Most patients describe their toothache pain in one of a few ways. These types of pain can be symptoms of very specific underlying problems.

• Sharp pain can be the result of decay in the enamel. This occurs because cavities have damaged the protective layers surrounding the pulp of your tooth, where nerves and blood vessels lie. This pain typically occurs when eating, as the pressure effects the damaged nerves in the pulp.

• Throbbing pain may mean inflamed and/or infected nerve endings. This is normally cured with a root canal filling.

• Bouts of pain are usually a sign that an infection in your tooth has become aggressive. You may think that because the pain goes away at times the problem has subsided and cured itself, but in fact the opposite is true.

• Extreme pain means you should have already made plans to visit an emergency dentist in LA. Treatment can involve root canal fillings, extractions, and antibiotics.

Contact our office to consult with our dentist about other possible cases of toothache.


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